Talk Cosmos: LUNAR NEW YEAR Water Rabbit

Tune in to Talk Cosmos, Sunday, January 22 at 1-2 p.m. PST for Kaleidoscope Visions monthly panel for a very special annual transit event celebrating the “LUNAR NEW YEAR Water Rabbit”. Kaleidoscope Visions will include three extra panelists without a personal natal chart reading to give ample time to explore the depth of 2023 Lunar New Year.

“The Lunar New Year occurs on the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice. The date therefore changes. In 2023, it occurs on January 21. Many Asian cultures celebrate the ancient Lunar New Year calendar. Some include a different animal in their Zodiac, such as the cat.” said Sue Minahan, founder, and host of the weekly show.  “Our focus centers on the Chinese astrology which involves a great legacy. It involves five elements crucial to understanding the cycle of the Lunar New Year cycle of animals.”

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Joining Sue Rose Minahan of Kailua-Kona, Big Island Hawaii, Astrologer, Founder of Talk Cosmos will be:

  • Special Guest panelists Deni Luna, Seattle, WA, Justin Crockett Elzie, Port Angeles, WA, and Jennifer Ng, Toronto, Canada.
  • Kaleidoscope Visions panel members Amanda Pierce, Seattle, WA and John Chinworth, Seattle, WA

DENI LUNA: A born medium with 40+ years professional experience, Deni Luna holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and specializes in divination – giving practical advice from the higher realms.

  • An intuitive coach and counselor with wide offerings (i.e., angelic messages, dreams & subconsciousness memories, Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, crystal ball, Lipsology, etc.), she remote views into distant locations and people, including friends and pets who have crossed over and sees into the Akashic records and your past lives.
  • Classes. Meditation. Motivational Communications, Performance Coaching. National TV reporter turned communications coach and intuitive entertainer. Certified with Gaia coaching, world’s premier women’s leadership program.
  • Lift yourself & feel divine in a unique reading involving techniques learned first-hand around the world.
  • https://www/

JUSTIN CROCKETT ELZIE: is an Archetypal Astrologer, Teacher, and Author. He combines both Western Ancient Astrology and Modern Psychological Astrology with Eastern Vedic Astrology.

  • He specializes in Predictive/Electional, and Karmic Astrology. His work with clients includes in-depth analysis of Natal charts, Synasty (couples charts), Draconic Charts, and works with Progressions, Transits, and Planetary Returns. Using these he is able to link people together with their appropriate paths in life and what cycle they are in along with what is coming up in the future for them.
  • With compassion he seeks to empower clients towards healing and helping them maximize their potential while at the same time offering healing or remedial modalities of Plants for psychological life issues.
  • He does Astrological research into arcane Astrological concepts, focusing on the mystical/occult side of Astrology.
  • Justin is a Certified Aromatherapist/ Essential Oils Specialist and an Herbalist.
  • Guest Panel member of Kaleidoscope Visions, AstroJAM, 2022 USA Pluto Return & Power, and past Moonbeam Team.

JENNIFER NG: practices Ba’Zi/Four Pillars and Classical Feng Shui (of the Yellow Hat Sect) widely practiced in East Asia and studied under now retired Master David Lee (HK/Toronto). As a horary, forecasting, and synastry astrologer consulting astrologer for clients, she also practices a blend of Western Traditional and Modern astrology, and holds the Horary Practitioner Certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) and the Professional Astrologer’s Diploma from The International Academy of Astrology (Dipl. IAA).

  • Jen teaches Four Pillars at International Academy of Astrology (IAA),
  • has given talks for Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR), IAA, Astrology Toronto (ATI),
  • is a member of Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), International Society Astrological Research (ISAR), NCGR, OPA, the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (CAAE) and Kepler Astrology Toastmasters Club.
  • As well, Jen serves on the non-profit, volunteer board of Astrology Toronto Inc (ATI) as co-President.
  • Jen aims to bring insight to her clients and continues her own astrological professional development and research.

AMANDA PIERCE: blends her eclectic style of astrology and energy magic around a soul-centered approach to life and healing.

  • With a B.A. in Psychology, Amanda has a drive to uncover the root causes to life’s issues and empower her clients in the process.
  • Astrology and Energy Work Consultation | Meditation | Writing & Editing.
  • Empowerment-based Meditation Teacher: in-person 4-week series classes. email for future classes.
  • Past Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) Board Member | United Astrology Conference (UAC) 2018 Volunteer Coordinator.

JOHN CHINWORTH: Growing up in Southern Arizona, I was so obsessed with mythology, I branded the Greco-Roman pantheon into my psyche.

  • My experience of teaching and mentoring developmentally disabled and resource students for many years, seasoned me with an exceptional reconciling energy.
  • I started by reading, then honed skills by studying with accomplished astrologers. I have more than two decades of experience and continue to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences.
  • I’ve lectured at NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), SFAS (San Francisco Astrology Society), and have served on the board  of WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association).  I received my Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2021.
  • I relax by penning poems and going on road trips around Washington. Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos Kaleidoscope Visions.
  • email:

SUE ROSE MINAHAN: Founder of Talk Cosmos celebrating its 6th season in 2023 of weekly insightful conversations awakening the authentic self for soul growth.

  • Sue’s an Eclectic Modern Evolutionary Astrologer, and Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, and Certified Color Energy Life Coach.
  • Vice-President of Washington State Astrological Association
  • Member of Kepler Astrologer Toastmaster Club
  • Has an AA with Music Degree and Jazz Certificate
  • Dwarf Planet University graduate
  • Writer, artist, musician, ardent mythologist. Student of esoteric philosophies and life.
Sue pic 3
Sue Rose Minahan, Host

Talk Cosmos is your opportunity to ponder realms of what Carl Jung called the collective unconsciousness that’s shared through time to the present…all through the lens of Sue’s lifetime of peering into astrology.

“Thankfully, I discovered Evolutionary astrology. Its perspective points directly to our unique personal spiritual soul growth…driven by our aligned intentions.  Its promising purpose of soul growth ignited an entirely alive Zodiac. Captured, I felt compelled to study the deep significance of astrological application,” said Sue.

Sue is your guide to focusing the Cosmos kaleidoscope. In the words of Einstein, “Energy’s never destroyed, energy only changes.”

Discover the energy that is Talk Cosmos, every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. right here on Alternative Talk 1150!

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